Who qualifies for a Ned bank Bursary

The Nedbank Bursary Fund

Q: I’d like to study at a private institution. Do I qualify for a bursary? 
A: Unfortunately, no. We only fund undergraduate degrees or diplomas at a South African public university or university of technology.
Q: I’m planning to get two qualifications at two institutions at the same time. Can I be funded for both?
A: No. You can only be funded for one undergraduate degree or diploma at a time.
Q: I’ve already completed a university qualification but would like to enrol for a second one in a different field. Would I qualify for the bursary? 
A: No. We aim to help as many people as possible, so you only qualify for your first undergraduate degree or diploma.   
Q: I already have a partial bursary from another organisation. Can I apply for the bursary to cover the rest? 
A: No. The Nedbank bursary is comprehensive, so you can be funded by only the Nedbank bursary if you’re chosen.
Q: If I owe money to a university, will the Nedbank bursary help with that debt? If so, how? 
A: No. We cannot help you to pay back previously incurred study debt.
Q: Does the bursary fund international/foreign students? 
A: Only students who are South African citizens qualify.
Q: So, who can apply? 
South African citizens only.People with a proven financial need.People with a good past and present academic track record.People with a minimum academic average of 65% in the year they’re applying, ie grade 12 or university level.People with a minimum academic average of 65% for the subjects they’re planning to study at university.People studying Mathematics Literacy will not be considered. People who are successfully placed at a South African public university or university of technology for an undergraduate qualification.
Q: What documents do I need to apply for the bursary? 
A: A valid South African ID and most recent academic transcript.
Q: What documents do I need if I’m shortlisted? 
Proof of income of your parents/guardians, eg payslips.Social grant advices.Affidavit if you’re unemployment.Income and expenditure statement of your parents/guardians.Death certificate of parent(s), if applicable.Divorce certificate of parent(s), if applicable.
Q: What expenses does the Nedbank bursary cover? 
Fulltime tuition.Prescribed textbooks.Monthly stipend.Accommodation (10 months of the academic year excluding the deposit).*Meals.**Accommodation and meals – approval is dependent on the Nedbank Education Trust.
Q: Do I have to repay Nedbank for the bursary? 
A: No, the bursary is a CSI initiative.
Q: Will I have to work for Nedbank after I graduate? 
A: No, the bursary is a CSI initiative, but you may still apply to be part of a graduate programme at Nedbank after you’ve graduated.
Q: What type of qualifications does the bursary sponsor?  
A: Bursaries are given to address future skill requirements in the financial sector, as well as in South Africa as a whole.

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