The Nedbank Bursary Fund

The Nedbank Bursary Fund

Money isn’t the only thing we see differently. We know potential when we spot it. That’s why we believe in people who believe in themselves. Through the Nedbank Bursary Fund, we give young talent the financial lift they need to be the best version of themselves.

The Nedbank Bursary Fund

Each year we offer bursaries to students who need a bit of help to make ends meet. So, if you’re dreaming of going places, the Nedbank Bursary Programme could unlock your future by helping you get the university degree you’ll need to take you there.

To ensure that you qualify, we have to ask a few questions: 

  • Were you born in South Africa?
  • Are you doing your bit to help Nedbank reach its transformation targets?
  • Are you spending enough time behind the books? Specifically, did you reach at least a 65% average pass mark, while meeting all the registration criteria of a South African public university or university of technology?
  • What’s your financial means test score?
  • Is the degree you’re keen on a future skill?

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