DIS CHEM Pharmacy Learnership Internship Job Career: Cashier

DIS CHEM Pharmacy Learnership Internship Job Career: Cashier

The requirements,

  • Matric or grade 12 with minimum average 50% for physical science/life science and math,
  • excellent time management,
  • effective team player,
  • agree to work together with South African Pharmacy Council Scope of Practice, (5) English skill that covers speaking, reading, and writing.

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Your responsibilities for joining Dis-Chem internship program will include; responsibility to work at Dis-Chem stores especially within vitamin, functional food, sports supplements, and nutrition department. Not stopping there, you need as well to deal with customer for both service and sales. What do you have on mind? Internship program is a chance for any graduates not only to improve their skills, but also to build certain view toward how to work in the real work environment. Therefore, neglecting the chance while you can afford all of the qualifications and requirements, it will be a great loss considering all of the benefits you can achieve.

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