Stallion Security (Pty) Ltd. Learnership Instructor

Duties & Responsibilities

Ensuring learners meet organisational requirements through recruitment

Ensuring learner registration are completed

Ensuring all learners complete learnership objectives as per SETA

Management of learnership programme

Compliance and implementing of all learning system requirements by PSIRA, SASETTA training programmes

Compliance to integrate training QMS system

Recruiting of learners as per client request for different areas

Taking full responsibility for compliance with statutory requirements with regards to learning and development of the organisation

Effective workplace skills planning implementation

Managing of learning and development administration

Reporting weekly on status of learnership and roll out subjects as per rollout plan

Only assessing and signing until standards thar you are registered for

Ensuring SASETTA and PSIRA registration is renewed on time

Ensuring legislatives guidelines as per SAQA, QCTO, SASETTA and PSIRA adhered to

Ensuring learning material is managed correctly

Portfolios are stored in safe place

Managing learner records and keep safe

Experience & Qualification

Grade 12

Grade C PSIRA registered

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